The Muslim Saints of the Mekong Delta

Slashed by hundreds of waterways Vietnam’s Mekong Delta looks like an ideal place to settle for vanquished and persecuted. It’s no wonder that many of the Cham after the Vietnamese gradually destroyed their various state formations between the 15th and 19th centuries sought refuge here. Since today the Cham constitute the country’s most significant Muslim... Continue Reading →

Grave Hunting in Madura

Indonesia is amazing… I experience this again and again. At this time my passion for bikepacking led me to Madura, just off to the northeastern shores of Java. I spent four days exploring this island, which is connected to Surabaya city by a bridge, yet it is an entirely different world. Cycling to the graves... Continue Reading →

Enroute to the Graves of Sayong Pinang

Experience first hand the road taken from Singapore to some of the Royal Graves in Johor. Watch the video now!   If you want a copy of the .gpx file for this trip, drop us a mail in Contact Us page

The Graves of Sayong Pinang

I did another long day trip to further explore the Sultanate of Johor. I set the aim to reach an old mausoleum of 16th-century Muslim royals and notables at Sayong Pinang, about 60km north of the Singapore/Malaysia border crossing. This time, instead of my sub-8kg carbon Giant TCR I hopped on my steel touring rig,... Continue Reading →

A Day Journey to Kukup

Long, one-day rides can be very nice adventures when time is too short to go for multi-day or week tours. Singapore provides the cyclist several great opportunities for this if s/he is willing to pedal 150-200km. It’s easy to take a ferry to one of the Riau Islands early morning and come back at night,... Continue Reading →

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