Enroute to the Graves of Sayong Pinang

Experience first hand the road taken from Singapore to some of the Royal Graves in Johor. Watch the video now! https://youtu.be/Di8vVcimEJI   If you want a copy of the .gpx file for this trip, drop us a mail in Contact Us page

The Graves of Sayong Pinang

I did another long day trip to further explore the Sultanate of Johor. I set the aim to reach an old mausoleum of 16th-century Muslim royals and notables at Sayong Pinang, about 60km north of the Singapore/Malaysia border crossing. This time, instead of my sub-8kg carbon Giant TCR I hopped on my steel touring rig,... Continue Reading →

A Day Journey to Kukup

Long, one-day rides can be very nice adventures when time is too short to go for multi-day or week tours. Singapore provides the cyclist several great opportunities for this if s/he is willing to pedal 150-200km. It’s easy to take a ferry to one of the Riau Islands early morning and come back at night,... Continue Reading →

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